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RE Websites

Useful RE Websites

www.theresite.org     This site has no curriculum content of its own but is a resource site with extensive indexes and links to all aspects of RE, which may be useful and relevant to teachers, such as school websites, government agencies and other faith communities. A good starting point. * Links to material for other faiths.

www.philtar.ac.uk      The RE exchange service. Another site with comprehensive and easy to use links covering the six main faiths, rites of passage, buildings, sacred texts and much more. Attractive and well presented. * Links to material for other faiths.

www.request.org.uk    A wonderful site for all aspects of Christianity. Covering topics such as Basics, Festivals, Churches, The Bible (which includes stories such as The Lost Sheep), it has an excellent section for younger children (Key Stage 1) to use for their own investigations, with simple, clear text and plenty of illustrations. The main site is suitable for older children and there is a special section for teachers, including a useful photo resource centre. Everything you need to know about Christianity from the stories of Jesus to Christian charities in action.

www.educhurch.org.uk    This site compares and contrasts three different Christian churches; St Mary’s Anglican church, a Salvation Army Citadel and an evangelical church that meets in a community centre. Lots of information about the buildings, people and activities that take place in each venue. Ideal for a ‘virtual’ church visit (Year 2 Spring) if a real one proves difficult, or for background information before the real visit takes place.

www.e-stapleford.co.uk    Stapleford is an independent education centre which provides excellent resources for RE and collective worship. There are also materials to encourage moral and spiritual development throughout the curriculum.

www.areiac.org.uk      The Association of RE Inspectors, Advisors & Consultants. This site includes information on syllabus and schemes of work. * Links to material for other faiths.

www.articlesoffaith.co.uk     A commercial site for the purchase of religious artefacts for all the main faiths.* Material for other faiths.

Assembly Websites

www.assemblies.org.uk     Instant assembly material for primary schools. Although Christian in outlook the assemblies are designed for all children, regardless of their faith or cultural background. Two new assemblies are available each week, plus ‘rapid response’ to world situations and news. Festivals of world religions are also included and minimum preparation is required.

www.assemblingcitizens.co.uk    This site carries a wealth of assembly material which is primarily designed for use in secondary schools. However, much of the content could be adapted for primary use. To access all the assemblies a subscription charge is payable, but sample assemblies may be down load free of charge.

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