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Loan Service


Loan Service

The Trust has a range of books, Bibles and videos available for loan.

We are constantly looking to update the selection available to local schools. See our book list for details.

If you wish to borrow items from the Trust, 
please e-mail Alison - our administrator at     info@watfordschoolstrust.org

She will discuss your requirements, deliver the resources to your school and collect them when you have finished using them. 
There is no charge for this service but please note it is only available in the Watford area.

We will consider requests from other schools in Hertfordshire but this is normally limited to

items such as worksheets that can be sent by post.

The Trust also has a range of photocopiable worksheets - please contact us for details.

Slavery and Fair Trade   Chaga and the Chocolate Factory Read this story of modern day slavery in the world of chocolate traffiking by well-known story teller Bob Hartman.  This downloadable resource will help children to learn about how we can all work together to ensure many more real life ‘Chaga’ stories have happier endings.


Looking for photographs to illustrate your lesson? The Request photo resource centre has a useful range of images, ready to download in PDF format.


Thinking skills and RE - use the SCAMPER tool to express ideas and thoughts through design.

Click the SCAMPER button.


Contact us: info@watfordschoolstrust.org