Watford Schools Trust

Providing RE Resources for local schools



We have a variety of resources that can be used to support RE lessons. 

The lessons are based on The Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2017- 2022


     Powerpoints for Y3 Lessons on the Life of Jesus Spring 2019:

      Y3 The Parable of the Lost Son Powerpoint

      Y3 The Healing of the Ten Lepers Powerpoint

       Y3 The Parable of the Good Samaritan Powerpoint

       Y3 Zacchaeus Powerpoint



     Power points for Autumn Term Lessons 2018:

            Y5 Ten Commandments Powerpoint

            Y2 Christmas Lesson Powerpoint

            Y6 Christmas Workshop Powerpoint



    Lesson Titles                     (download PDF or Word) 


Early Years




Key Stage 1




Lower Key Stage 2


Year 3 Life of Jesus Lessons

The Parable of the Lost Son

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

The Calming of the Storm

The Widow's Mite

The Ten Lepers











Upper Key Stage 2


The Significance of Salvation - Easter workshop

Learning Objective:

To explore the significance for Christians of Jesus’ death on the cross.

Duration: 90 minutes




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