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Book List

Recommended Books for teaching Christianity
for use in RE and also literacy, PSE, art, history and assemblies

* = recommended - *** = highly recommended

Bibles and Story Bibles

Lion Storyteller Bible (KS1) Lion 0-7459-2921-4 £10.99 ***

Lion Story Bible Part I (KS2) Lion 0-7459-2034-9 £8.99 ** useful for Literacy

Lion Story Bible Part 2 (KS2) Lion 0-7459-2035-7 £8.99 **

Bible - International Children’s (KS2&3) Word 0-8500-9901-3 £14.99 **

The Bible Through Art (KS2,3&4) RMEP 1-85175-215-3 £24.95 **

Lion First Bible (KS1) Lion 0-7459-3210-X £11.99 *

The Scroll (KS2,3&4) HarperCollins 0-00-274022-2 £9.99

International Childrens Bible Handbook (KS2&3) Word 0-8499-1481-7 £9.99

Lion Handbook to the Bible (Staffroom) (KS1,2,3&4) Lion 0-8564-8320-6 £20.00

Children’s Guide to The Bible (KS2&3) S.U. 1-85999-072-X £5.99 *

The Lion Graphic Bible (KS2&3) Lion 0-7459-2708-4 £20.00

Bible World - A Very Special Book (KS2&3) Lion 0-7459-2176-0 £7.99

Bible World - The Great Plan (KS2&3) Lion 0-7459-2171-X £7.99

Bible World - Homes & Families (KS2&3) Lion 0-7459 -2178-7 £7.99

Bible World - Work & Society (KS2&3) Lion 0-7459 -2179-5 £7.99


Thinking Skills (all from Stapleford)***

RE Thinking (all age) M Cooling Series of books £10.95 each

TheJesus Journey Picture Pack (KS1 & 2) £17.99 ISBN 1-902234-25-1

The Christmas Activity Pack (KS1 &2) £10.00

The Gospels Unplugged (KS2) ISBN 1-84101-243-2 Published by BRF but available from Stapleford

Express Ways (KS3) £19.95 Secondary


Jesus Through Art (KS2,3&4) RMEP/Cant 7-85175119-X £24.95 ***

The Bible Through Art (KS2,3&4) RMEP/Cant 1-851 75215 3 £24.95**

Teaching Christanity Instant Art (KS2) Palm Tree 0-86208-142-4 £9.99 *

Instant Art for Teaching R.E. (KS1&2) Kevin Mahew 1-84003-092-5 £9.99 *



The Hideaway (KS2&3) K.Mayhew 1-8400-3182-4 £4.99 ** - this book very sensitively covers bereavement

Alices Dad (KS2&3) K.Mayhew 1-8400-3374-6 £4.99 - a book for children about terminal illness

The Goodbye Boat (KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-3693-8 £4.99

Gods Quiet Things (KS1) Lion 0-7459-4268-7 £4.99



Stories Jesus Told (KS1) Collins 0-5510-3072-0 £9.99*** - individual stories also available in separate books

The Gospels Unplugged (KS2) *** - see under Thinking Skills

Best Loved Parables (KS2) Lion 0-7459-3803-5 £9.99 *

The Lost Sheep (KS1&2 big book ) Lion 0-7459-4434-5 £12.99


Assembly Resources

Assemblies From The Gallery (KS1,2,3&4) Stapleford 1-85175-216-1 £17.39 *** (incl. acetates)

Assemblies That Count (KS1&2) Stapleford 1-902234-16-2 £8.95 **

Cracking Assemblies (KS1&2) Stapleford 0-9516-3785-4 £12.95

Ready-made Assemblies about Famous People (KS2&3) S.U. 1-8599-9300-1 £6.99

Assembly Chains (KS2) Lion 0-7459-4228-81 £7.50

Don’t Push Me Around (KS2) Kevin Mahew 1-8400-35587 £3.99

Everyone Matters (KS2) S.U. 1-8599-9040-1 £6.99

Time Line Assembly Book (KS2&3) Stapleford 1-8517-5167-X £7.95 *


Poetry, Allegory and Stories

Whispering in God’s Ear (KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-3672-5 £3.99 - poetry

Rap, Rhyme and Reason (KS2,3&4) S.U.1-85999-036-3 £4.99

All Year Long (KS1) Lion 0-7459-37322 £5.99 - harvest

The Animals Easter (KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-4158-3 £3.99**

Sad News Glad News (KS1) Lion 0-7459-3733-0 £5.99

Song of Morning (KS2) Lion 0-7459-3951-1 £6.99 * - compilation of stories and poems for Easter

Lord of the Dance (KS2) Lion 0-7459-3898-1 £5.99

The Easter Angels (KS2&3) Lion 0-7459-4420-5 £4.99

Tale of Three Trees (KS1&2) Lion 0-7549-2267-2 £4.99

Cheer Up Chicken (KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-3876-0 £4.99 - introduces the concept of sacrifice

The Animals Christmas (KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-3699-7 £3.99

A Night the Stars Danced for Joy (KS2&3) Lion 0-7459-3610-5 £4.99

The Grumpy Shepherd (KS1) Lion 0-7459- £4.99*

Let’s Sing & Shout (KS1) SU 1-859992633-3 £6.99* - simple songs and rhymes for RE

Telling Tales (KS2) CPAS 1-8976-6072-3 **

Telling More Tales (KS2) CPAS 1-8976-6097-9 **

Telling Even More Tales (KS2) CPAS ISBN 1-9020-4111-9*


Creation Stories

In The Beginning (KS1, big book ) Lion 0-7459-4431-0 £12.99 *** - The story of Creation - very simple, illustrations

Before the Stars Were Made (KS1) Lion 0-7459-3635-0 £5.99

What a Wonderful World (KS2) Lion 0-7459-3831-01 £4.99 * A compilation of stories and poems

Wonderful Earth (KS1&2) Hunt &Thorpe 1-85608-005-6 £9.99*

In the Beginning (KS1) Lion 0-7459-3605-9 £4.99 *



My Christian Faith (KS1&2 big book ) Evans 0-237-51932-1 £14.99

The Evergreen Wood (KS2) Hunt&Thorpe 1-85608-256-3 £4.99 - class sets available for Literacy

The Lion, Witch &Wardrobe (KS2&3) Collins 0-00-185701-0 £12.99

Bullies (KS2) Kingsway 0-8547-6406-2 £3.99

The Old Man & the Tree (KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-4231-8 £9.99

Tales from the Ark (KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-23755 £4.50

The Ten Commandments (KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-3970-8 £6.99

The Lords Prayer (KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-3969-4 £6.99

The Circle of Days (KS1&2) Walker 0-7445-4047-X £9.99 Prayer of St. Francis - beautiful illustrations - class set available on loan

The Good Man of Assisi (KS2) Lion 0-7459-3633-4 £8.99

2000 Years of the Christian Faith (ref.KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-3884-1 £9.99

Faith in History (KS2) Eagle 0-86347-106-4 £20.00 - Teachers resource. Photocopiable worksheets available separately

Superstars Omnibus books 1 & 2 (KS2&3)RMEP 1-8517-5310-9 & 1-8517-5311-7 £8.95 each
These books are also available as individual stories £2.95 each

Nobody's Child: The Stirring True Story of an Unwanted Boy Who Found Hope (KS4) by John Robinson Monarch Publications 1-8542-4623-2 £6.99


Life of Jesus

Jesus Journey Picture Pack*** (KS1 & 2 - see under Thinking Skills).

If I had Lived in Jesus’ Time (KS1) S.U.0-8620-1900-1 £4.99 - comparison of life today to 2000 years ago

The Story of Jesus (KS1) Candle 0-7814-0975-6 £2.50 *

The Gentle Carpenter (KS1&2) Lion 0-7459-3636-9 £6.99 **

Messiah (KS2&3) Lion 0-7459-4419-1 £5.00 *

The Miracle Maker Activity Book (KS2&3) BBC 0 563 541253 ?£12.99 ** teachers resource book to go with video

The Life That Changed the World (KS2&3) Lion 0-7459-2174-4 £7.99

The Easter Story (KS 1) OUP 0-1927-2377-4 £6.99**


Big Books

Times to Remember RMEP:**
The Tallest Candle ISBN 1-85175-180-7
Let My People Go (Judaism) ISBN 1-85175-209-9
A Day to Rest (Creation and Shabbat - Judaism) ISBN 1-85175-178-5
A Very Special Sunday ISBN 1-85175-212-9

The Story of the Lost Sheep (KS 1 & 2) Lion ISBN 0-75494-434-5**

The Christmas Story Big Book Evans 0-23752-359-0*

WATCH Series Big Books from the BBC (KS 1- see below for video and teacher’s guide)***
Gifts: ISBN 0-563-54642-5
Friends: ISBN 0-563-54643-3
Followers: ISBN 0-563-54644-1
Big Books £19.99 each


All books are available through our Loan Service. Some books are available in sets of 17 for use in Literacy Hour.

We also have many unlisted books and videos - particularly on themes such as Christmas and Easter, as well as a highly recommended selection of videos and CR ROMS including :-

The Miracle Maker Video (KS2 & 3) ***

WATCH Christianity Video, Big Books and Teacher’s Guide (KS1) BBC ***

Ilumina (KS2,3,4) This CD ROM contains a digitally animated Bible and encyclopedia suite.

Produced by Tyndale you can sample the resource at www.iLumina.com

The Test of Time video and teachers resource book (KS3 & 4) BBC *** Secondary

The Image of Christ video & teachers resource book (KS3 & 4) BBC *

The Visual Bible - The Messiah Visual Int.video x 4

Who is This Jesus? video CTA Secondary & Year 5/6

Pathways to Belief - Christianity video, Bible video (KS2) BBC**

Introducing Sarah & Paul video & teachers resource book (KS1) RMEP

The Story Keepers videos (KS1)

The Testament series videos (KS 2,3&4) BBC**

We are adding to our resources all the time. If you would like more information on a particular topic or theme, please contact us.

New Books

Teachers - please let us know if you have discovered a new resource so that we may consider it for inclusion on this page. E-mail us at the address on the home page.

Into the Bible 
Scripture Union Into the Bible

This new resource provides 101 Bible extracts in CD and book format and includes 24 ready to use lesson outlines.  Download sample material by clicking the Scripture Union link above.
Teachers of Key stage 2 will welcome Into the Bible – 101 routes to explore, a stimulating and accessible new class resource of an easy-to-use CD-ROM and child-friendly books. It will help children learn about and from the Bible as well as exploring what Christians believe and how they behave.’

Life Actuallylife actually
Jenny Baker
ISBN: 184427 116 1 £2.99
 (also available in packs of 5 for £10) 64pp
Available from Scripture Union

The ‘It’s Your Move’ equivalent for secondary school pupils.  This book has been written for students approaching the end of compulsory school life and looking at what comes next - college, training, finding a job?  It offers credible advice about the challenges and changes young people face at this age. Topics included are GCSEs, moving on, coping with parents, the pressures of sex and drugs, friends, and money.  It features real-life stories, from real-life people. A helpful guide for any young person and a possible tool to help churches build bridges with local secondary schools.
Jenny Baker is an experienced Youth Worker with a teenage son.

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