Watford Schools Trust

Providing RE Resources for local schools



Our Trust staff are available to take assemblies in your school. We have a wealth of material and can either suggest a topic or you can choose the theme, perhaps something from the current term’s RE syllabus, or to suit a particular occasion.  To book an assembly, please email us at info@watfordschoolstrust.org.

A new assembly website www.assembliesonline.com has been launched by Damaris Publishing. Described as ‘contemporary collective worship’ for Primary Schools, this site ‘links the latest films, music and TV to biblical stories’.  A subscription is payable but sample assemblies are available to view free of charge.

We would particularly recommend the following two websites which offer a wealth of assembly material for schools.

Primary Schools - www.assemblies.org.uk
This site offers free assembly material for Key Stages 1 & 2 and two new assemblies are available each week.

Secondary Schools - www.assemblingcitizens.co.uk
An excellent assembly resource which
is primarily aimed at the secondary age group.

Much of the material from www.assemblingcitizens.co.uk could be adapted for primary use. A subscription charge is payable but you are able to browse the site and look at sample assemblies for free.

Contact us: info@watfordschoolstrust.org